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Hello Everyone

Welcome to Business Adept Cards, the tool that delivers a competitive edge to those whose avowed intent is to prosper in their chosen business or career. If you are serious, then you will want to commit your whole brain to achieving success. Business Adept Cards will switch on the parts that are hard to reach.

In business, the accepted philosophy is to promote intellectual analysis, to prefer to track the logical path as it unfolds. Yet, despite disclaimers, gut hunches and intuition play a big, though often unacknowledged part. It has been proven that, when selecting from a choice of strategies, the key decision-maker will always follow a gut hunch, regardless of any amount of analytical evidence to the contrary. Therefore, intuition is IMPORTANT in business. The Adept Cards help you to awaken it on demand, to understand it better and to use it wisely and advantageously – like so many successful entrepreneurs.

My blogs will introduce you to the tool and its uses. They will provide background and theory and share live examples – bringing life to the formal Business Adept Cards tutorials. I’d like your feedback on the website and your opinions on my blogs.

This is my baby and I want it to succeed in its purpose -  your profit and enjoyment.

Happy hunches

Laura  (co-creator of the system)

Card for this blog

Inspector is the Middle Manager of the Performance Process – the epitome of the search for excellence.

Establishing an ethos of excellent performance is a good place to start any venture.

Performance covers all aspects of the venture – finance, quality, appraisals, throughput, customer satisfaction etc.