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UK Recovery after Covid19

April Fool’s Day Insight for UK Recovery

On a whim, I decided to use Business Adept Cards in an April Fool’s Day joke to gain insight into UK’s recovery from our present dire affliction. However, the expected schadenfreude miscarried. When I asked for insight into the critical success factors for UK’s recovery, the cards revealed some very pertinent points. Here they are, in sequence, with my interpretation.

Critical Success Factors for UK’s Recovery (Business Perspective) 1 April 2020

1 Out of the Blue

The yellow theme indicates that strategic management is vital to deal with the coronavirus catastrophe that came ‘out of the blue’ and caught the world unprepared.

Creativity is essential to generate viable options to control the virus, to maintain basic services countrywide, and to develop plans for health and economic recovery.

Worldwide communication of successful strategies improves all our chances.


2 The Management Role ‘Trader’

The orange theme relates to the process of product and service generation and delivery – from initial concept through to market. TRADER represents a management role where the main characteristics are: proactive drive; excellent, specialist knowledge of the practicalities; pragmatism.

I interpret this to mean that, in planning the route to economic recovery, it will be important to consult those who really understand what is going on in each industry, particularly the interdependencies and practical constraints. Otherwise, we could be chasing grand ideas that have little hope of success.

What we need is a viable and comprehensive strategic plan.


3 Selection

The green theme is about acquiring and putting into place all the types of resource needed to enable business operations. The image shows an example where selecting the right specification is crucial.

To me, this indicates that, in planning UK recovery, it will be vital to understand exactly what resources and skills are available, where they are, and how long it will take to bring them on line. It will doubtless be necessary to prioritise aspects of the recovery effort and it may prove expedient to have the flexibility to assign certain resources according to greatest need.


4 Inception

The red flash means that this activity impacts significantly on the whole venture. It is about developing the concepts that instigate and motivate effort. Ideas generation is key.

I am puzzled by this card but I think it may indicate that:

  1. it will take a lot of ingenuity to synthesize all relevant information/requirements into a cohesive migration plan, and
  2. after the deprivation we are all suffering, the task of motivating the drive for recovery may be equally challenging.

Let’s hope that this activity is undertaken with due regard to the good of all stakeholders.


5 Change Management

Strategic management has yet again a vital role to play.

I think the message of this card is that the importance of Change Managing the road to recovery should not be underrated. Virtually all aspects of our lives have been turned upside down and this must have far-reaching consequences – political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. The impact and our reaction to it needs sensitive handling over the long term.

Let’s all focus on making it work.


This is where my cynical nature creeps in. What if the schadenfreude is the scepticism around achieving these aims?

The whole concept is premature, of course. There’s a way to go before recovery.

Nevertheless, I’m still hoping for the best!!!


Laura Dziaszyk

Spotlight on Management Ltd

2 April 2020

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