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Intellectual Property

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Website availability

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Website content

We undertake to update the website regularly, and take reasonable steps to ensure that all information is current and accurate within its context.

The website is based on the Corporate Signpost Toolkit (CST) - a management tool that stimulates creative strategy and lateral thinking. It is intended for use as an aid to brainstorming in a business, educational or career-related environment. Through the use of images, it facilitates access to the user’s subconscious knowledge and circumvents the restrictive effect of language and peer pressure. It sparks ideas.

The Business Adept card images and supporting narrative are selected at random. There is no guarantee of relevance. They are offered as triggers for the user’s own thought processes. Although they may prompt outstanding new insights and inspiration, the user is drawing on his/her own knowledge/experience and is responsible for any resultant conclusions.

We would not recommend taking action purely on the strength of such intuitive conclusions, without suitable intellectual analysis.

The tool is not predictive and cannot convey advice of any description.

SoML disclaims any responsibility for (a) the relevance of the images/narrative, (b) any specific interpretations by a user, whether subject or facilitator, or (c) any advice that might be given or assumed on the strength of such interpretations.

Users shall not misrepresent to any third party the qualities and purpose of the website, the images, the narratives or their capabilities.


Visitors are welcome to access the public areas of the website and to take advantage of the Free Trial business problem analysis. The Free Trial may be employed twice, after which the visitor will be asked to subscribe to membership.


On payment of the subscription charge, a member will be admitted to the membership area, which provides unlimited access to:

  • available insight formats, currently: Various business / career analysis insight formats
  • standard user on-line tutorials
  • help with interpretation
  • related additional content

The subscription charge is one-off and, except for circumstances outside our control, guarantees membership for one calendar year. Beyond that membership will continue indefinitely without guarantee at no extra charge. We reserve the right to discontinue any account on which there has been no activity for at least 12 consecutive months.

If the website is to cease operation, we will give due notice to members.

Advanced Tutorials

For those members who wish to facilitate group exercises or to add Business Adept Cards (or the Corporate Signpost Toolkit) to their professional repertoire as coach, mentor, counsellor or consultant, we provide a range of advanced on-line tutorials that will enrich their knowledge and skills in the use of intuitive methods.

Access to these tutorials may be purchased via the website. Intellectual property rights remain with SoML and access to the tutorials does not confer any right to extract, reproduce, download, republish, display, post or transmit any material with a view to profit or gain.

Quality Code is providing a service which is very subjective. Although we aim to provide high quality presentation and pertinent, constructive insights, in the end it is the user’s interpretation that counts and we cannot hope to anticipate or match that. Part of the exercise is to accept the potential validity of any image/narrative that is displayed – even if it seems inappropriate – and ask the question “if this were true, what would it signify?”. Users must form their own conclusions. We do not offer advice or instruction about specific issues.

Please contact us via the link provided, if within 30 days you are dissatisfied with our membership service. We will at our discretion refund up to 100% of your payment.

Any unresolved dispute will be referred to an independent adjudicator.

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