How BA Cards started

Have you ever gone to bed on a problem and woken up knowing the answer?

The Subconscious Mind

It first happened to me when I was still at school. I was quite good at maths, so to be confounded by an algebra question was frustrating to say the least. After struggling for hours, I gave up and went to bed. In the morning I had the key to working out the answer - without any idea of how I reached it.

This was an example of the subconscious at work.

For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued by the way the mind works, and I’ve taken every opportunity to learn more about this fascinating topic. I began to see how intuition draws on a vast repository of subconscious knowledge, how intuition is fast and effortless, and supreme at recognising patterns and pictures. But it is also elusive and cryptic, and hard to explain and communicate.

I also found I had an interest in how businesses work. I became a business process engineer and later a business advisor and mentor. Business demands logical, intellectual analysis, and there is lots of sound practical information of that sort out there.

Thinking outside the box

But for dynamic entrepreneurs and managers, practical reasoning and action usually follows inspiration and intuition. Yet there is little help available on how to actively unlock the buried potential of the subconscious mind.

What if there was a way to make intuition more accessible, and more comprehensible?

And so, the Business Adept Cards system was conceived – the physical toolkit.

The result was a toolkit for the whole brain.

The Business Adept Cards system centres on a deck of 78 cards. Taken together, they make up a robust business process model. Taken separately, they use images to spark subconscious levels of the mind. (The magic of images is that people interpret them differently, according to their own inner logic, and yet they provide a common focus for discussion. They speak to everyone in ways words cannot.)

There is also a 12-sided die, which provides a random element to jerk the user off his or her habitual mental pathways.

And a 220-page full-colour user handbook, the “business bible” that provides an intellectual framework essential to make the subconscious clear and communicable.

Successful usage

For several years, the toolkit has been used successfully

  • by individuals,
  • by business coaches, mentors and management consultants in one-to-ones with their clients
  • in teambuilding groups for or strategy development workshops
  • in education to support business and management studies.

I have never ceased to be amazed at how well it works!

So now I am really pleased that I can make this extraordinary tool widely available in digital form.

Why not give it a try and see what your what problem your intuition can solve – click here for a free try

Laura Dziaszyk, BA Cards Co-creator