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What is Business Adept Cards?

Business Adept Cards is an online system that works like oracle cards but with a business focus, helping you to navigate from a place of uncertainty to one of clarity; allowing you to make confident decisions that shape your business.

 We have designed the cards to be online so that you can have access to them anywhere at any time – which can sometimes be difficult with physical cards.

Can the cards help with career questions?

Of course, Business Adept Cards can help with all manner of problems, whether it be career or relationship issues you’re experiencing. Just follow the appropriate question format for the best result.

Are there any areas of business the cards won’t work on?

No, so long as you don’t ask questions with yes/no or specific measurement answers, such as dates, times and quantity etc. you will get the guidance you are looking for.

Can the cards work for individuals and groups?

Yes, they can. You can use them with a team of colleagues or on your own.

Are there more layouts?

Yes, in addition to Problem Analysis, when you purchase membership to Business Adept cards, you will get access to multiple layouts. Giving you many options for receiving insight into any problem or issue you may be having.

Can anyone use the Cards?

Yes, but you must actively participate. See the answers for ‘What do I do if they are not working?’ and ‘What if I don’t like the answer?’.

What do I do if they are not working?

Look at the question you’re asking first.  Ensure that your question is focussed and has only one component. Use words like Who? What? What if? Why? Where? How?

Secondly, make sure you’re actively participating in the process and remaining open to what the cards are showing you.

If you are really struggling, don’t forget to read the business strategy guidance that is supplied with each layout. This will help you to formulate a way forward.

What if I don’t like the answer?

You may find what is being shown to you challenges you in some way. This is intentional. It helps bring a different perspective to a situation so that you can see the issues from different viewpoints and reveal the best solutions.

If you can’t see the relevance, ask yourself “if this were true, what would it mean?”

Do the Cards predict the future?

No, but they can help you create a better future, by bringing to light insights that can change your life for the better.

Do the cards give advice or tell you what to do?

No, they reveal new perspectives, help you to understand complex situations, to formulate new responses and to share intuition with others. Important decisions should always be backed by suitable logical and numerical analysis.

Alongside the cards are well thought out business strategy prompts to help you with this. So, once you have looked at the cards and absorbed what they are representing for you, then you have the option to also read the written guidance to help you formulate a plan and reveal the best way forward.

How do the cards work?

If you’re interested in the science behind how the cards work with your own intuition and intent, then you can get all that information here.