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Hi, I’m Laura, co-founder and creator of BusinessAdeptCards.com

Have you ever gone to bed on a problem and woken up knowing the answer? It first happened to me when I was still at school. I was quite good at maths, so to be confounded by an algebra question was frustrating to say the least. After struggling for hours, I gave up and went to bed. In the morning I had the key to working out the answer - without any idea of how I reached it.

That started my fascination with how the mind works, and I’ve taken every opportunity to learn more about this intriguing topic. I love how intuition draws on your subconscious knowledge, how it’s fast and effortless. But it’s also elusive and hard to explain.

As my career progressed in the world of business, I discovered that for dynamic entrepreneurs and managers, practical reasoning and action usually followed inspiration and intuition. Yet there was little help available on how to actively unlock the buried potential of the subconscious mind.

It left me wondering - what if there were a way to make intuition more accessible, and more understandable? And so, Business Adept Cards system was conceived. Originally, it started as a physical set of cards with a 12-sided die, and a 220-page full-colour user handbook – a “business bible” that provides an intellectual framework to support the intuitive insights the cards provide. You can still buy the physical kit here.

After several years of seeing how successfully the cards work (I never cease to be amazed, it really is astounding), I decided to develop an online version so people could get guidance on the go.

I am really passionate about Business Adept Cards because I know first-hand how transformational they can be, often giving people an answer in just 10 minutes to a problem they had been wrestling with for weeks!

Laura W Dziaszyk

This is what my friend, Jennifer, has to say about the system:

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About the Creators

The creators of the original concept were Laura W Dziaszyk and Michaele Wynn-Jones, whose combined skills in corporate management and education respectively) proved ideal for this task. The realisation of the concept was thanks to the superlative artwork of Paul Clark of Glide Design Limited, Eastbourne. On completion of the development phase Michaele elected to concentrate her efforts on her company, Diamond Bridge Initiative Limited.

Laura W Dziaszyk

Director, Spotlight on Management Ltd

Laura is a corporate process-engineering strategist – a unique term for a unique talent, a powerful blend of business strategy and business process engineering. Laura occupies the tactical middle ground that converts strategy to reality. Her passion is for organisational cohesion and embedding high quality performance and management controls. Using skills honed during an executive career with British Telecom, Laura subsequently acted as expert adviser and business process consultant on several £multi-million international projects for major players such as IBM and Nortel.

Laura’s expertise was foundational to the structure of the Business Adept Cards system and its underpinning business model. It reflects her broad knowledge of business practice, business process, and strategic management.

NB: Spotlight on Management Ltd operates BusinessAdeptCards.com

Michaele Wynn-Jones

B.Ed.(Hons) MIAC AIN.
Director, Diamond Bridge Initiative Ltd

With a background in education, Michaele manages Diamond Bridge Initiative, a pioneering Anglo-Dutch partnership offering workshops that integrate intuition and intellect into whole brained solutions to problem solving. An experienced presenter, Michaele travels extensively as guest speaker at national conferences and motivational events. She has developed and delivered training for organisations as varied as HM Prisons, The Open College Network, Health Authorities and Oil Companies. She has also acted as consultant adviser for the BBC.

Michaele brought to the foundation system for Business Adept Cards her creativity for concepts and visual design, her multi-sensory educational skills, and her unique take on numerology.