How BA Cards Can Work For You

Business Adept Cards are your key to career and business success provides an interactive stimulus to release your innate creative capacity and subconscious knowledge.

Wherever we are on the management hierarchy, we all have to deal with difficult challenges. Business Adept Cards will help you generate new perspectives and ideas, and challenge preconceived opinion and habitual thinking. You’ll find new insights that will impress your business partners, colleagues, competitors and employers.

No longer do you need to struggle to find that elusive new idea, or to regain the inspiration that used to fire you up! Now your personal pocket consultant is at hand. Eureka moments are a couple of clicks away!

How Business Adept Cards Work

The cards aren’t predictive, and they won’t tell you what to do. They will spark your own insights, by unlocking both the left and right sides of your brain, releasing the combined power of intellect and intuition.

An almost infinite combination of cards represents key activities and roles. With their rich symbolism and carefully chosen prompts they bring your own ideas to the surface. You ask the questions, and the cards help you unlock answers.

Each card is accompanied by a video highlighting a number of key issues and questions to trigger your own subconscious knowledge. 

They can be used by one person or by a group, to generate strategic ideas, to examine practical problems and find solutions, to build relationships, and to look at decision-making.

Business Adept cards can:

  • enhance brainstorming and ideas generation
  • reveal hidden knowledge
  • circumvent thinking ruts
  • expose and defuse unpalatable truths
  • depersonalise emotive issues
  • accelerate learning
  • clarify gut feelings

You can choose different ways to address your current issue:

  • Problem analysis – looking at underlying problems, obstacles and solutions
  • Business analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Relationship analysis – how you work with others, finding synergies and win-wins
  • Options comparison – best- and worst-case scenarios
  • Single card insight – choose your own question, or just see what ideas a card of the day will trigger

In fact, Business Adept Cards can help with any business issue you can think of.

Free Trial

You can see for yourself how effective the cards are by trying the FREE Problem Analysis trial – It’s easy to use and to navigate, and everything is explained as you use the cards.

Other online facilities

The members’ area includes unlimited access to four insight layouts, and future additions.

Guidance on how to pose your question is contained in the free tutorials, available when you sign up. The method and underlying logic are explained too.

If you want to go deeper, additional knowledge will enable you to get more out of Business Adept Cards, and provides a grounding for leading group discussions. Advanced tutorials are available.

Let’s Get Real!

The Hands-on Toolkit consists of 78 beautifully designed Adept cards, a 12-sided die, a fully detailed handbook, all packaged in a sturdy zip-up case.

Business Adept Cards work perfectly online, but the full toolkit is indispensable for regular Adepts:  

  • you can create new insight layouts to the limits of your imagination
  • cards can be added to any layout, to prompt deeper analysis
  • the 12-sided die with its interpretation matrix adds further dimensions
  • the 220 page handbook goes into greater depth than the online version
  • good quality, tactile cards and die are very satisfying to use

The toolkit will shortly be available to buy as part of a Practitioner Package valued at US$495. (If you are already an online member, the value of your membership will be offset against the cost.)

If you would like to register your interest, click here and send a message to that effect. We will make sure you have the option to buy and qualify at an advantageous price.