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Adept Business Cards change this by enabling you to see the bigger picture as well as tap into your intuition or gut feeling about a specific business challenge.

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Let the cards expand your vision. Once you realise how easy they are to use and how effectively they extract solutions from your team’s hidden knowledge, you will be hooked on using the cards to gain new perspectives on all your business challenges.

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Our 30-Day Guarantee

We’re confident that if used as per the instructions you’ll quickly see the value, but if for any reason, you don’t see the value, no matter the reason, we’ll refund the money within the first 30 days.


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Can the cards help with career questions?

Yes, they can, but make sure you follow the question format for the best results

Are there any areas of business the cards won’t work on?

No, so long as you don’t ask questions with yes / no or specific measurement answers, such as dates, times and quantity etc.

Can the cards work for individuals and groups?

Yes, they can. They are ideal if you have a specific work or career related issue that needs addressing or you can use them with a team of colleagues to address work or organisational issues.

Is this 3-card problem layout, the only layout?

No, there are multiple digital layouts from one to four card and many of the layouts have multiple ways of being used.

What do I do if they are not working?

Look at the question first, to make sure your using words like Who? What? What if? Why? Where? How? Secondly, make sure you’re actively participating in the process and that you’re not looking for a yes / no answer – look at the question ‘Are there any areas of business the cards won’t work on?’.

Can anyone use the Cards?

Yes, but you must actively participate. They are triggers to help bring a different perspective to a situation, so that you can see the issues from different viewpoints and thereby help bring into view optimum solutions.

Do the Cards predict the future?

No, but they can help you create a better future, by bringing to light insights that can change your life for the better.

Do the cards give advice or tell you what to do?

No, they reveal new perspectives, help you to understand complex situations and to formulate new responses, and enable you to share intuition with others. Important decisions should always be backed by suitable logical analysis.