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The ABC of Intuition

Hello, again

I hope that you like what you have seen so far of the Business Adept Cards.

Whole-brain thinking

Having referred previously to the BA cards’ encouraging whole-brain thinking, I’d like to explore that concept further. By understanding better what’s involved, we gain more benefit from using the cards. I’m sure none of these ideas will be new to you – I’d just like to review them and put them into context.

Firstly, although we often refer to left brain and right brain thinking (intellectual and creative respectively), I prefer to think in terms of the conscious and the subconscious brain – aware and unaware. 

The diagram below attempts to simplify the concept.

Are you aware of what you know?

For example, in the two boxes on the left of the diagram we are consciously aware of what we know and what we don’t know.

Box A – I’m a business process engineer. I know that I know about how businesses operate. I can consciously manipulate that knowledge.

Box B – I worked as a senior manager in telecommunications. Although I understand sufficient general background, I know that I don’t know much about the technicalities. If I wish, I can remedy the gap in my knowledge.

Subconscious knowledge

The subconscious brain works much faster than the conscious brain. Consequently, there are things I have learned outside of awareness. I don’t know that I know them. Examples are harder to pin down. The best I can do is:

Box C – On many occasions I have answered questions automatically, without thinking. The answers just popped into my head. Later I’ve wondered “Where did that come from? I didn’t know I knew that.” At other times, I might just ‘know’ the likely outcome of a complex situation or what needs to be done about it, without knowing why. The subconscious at work! I’ve never found it to be wrong.

Needless to say, Box D is not a fruitful area to pursue. When we have no concept of the issue, there is nothing to latch onto.

A treasure trove of knowledge

Box C is a treasure trove of valuable information. Unfortunately, it does not readily respond to conscious demand and, when it does manifest, it is a gut hunch or other cryptic feeling or emotion that can easily be misinterpreted or dismissed.

Business Adept Cards are designed to activate Box C on demand and to enable a better understanding of the resultant insights. The BA system comprises a potent combination of intellect and intuition, which empowers individuals and groups to improve the quality of their decision making. Better decisions make better business.

What does it mean for me?

So what does this mean for you and me? It means we can unlock a greater proportion of our brainpower. We can access subconscious knowledge and transfer to awareness the results of the subconscious learning. Using more brainpower gives a competitive edge to our business dealings or career.

We can apply the cards to:

  • Problem diagnosis and solution
  • Analysis of any business element
  • Generation of strategic options
  • Deciding between options
  • Understanding relationships
  • Identifying the important questions

These all contribute to excellence in business management or in planning personal projects.

I’d welcome your views on this topic.

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Laura Dziaszyk, BAC Co-creator