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Welcome to Business Adept Cards

Hello Everyone Welcome to Business Adept Cards, the tool that delivers a competitive edge to those whose avowed intent is to prosper in their chosen business or career. If you are serious, then you will want to commit your whole brain to achieving success. Business Adept Cards will switch on [...]

9 Brainstorming Techniques

When a business problem arises, one method you may use to try and solve it is brainstorming. This is an effective way to come up with ideas. Below are 9 methods to help make your brainstorming session more effective. 1. Mind Mapping Ever heard the expression ‘a picture paints a [...]
Strategy And Planning

Intuition - First Impressions

I’ve discussed previously the need to allow the subconscious brain time to assimilate and process information without interference from the conscious brain and our ego. This gives the impression that the subconscious is slow. Wrong! I need to correct that - it is very fast indeed. I’ve heard that the [...]

Intuition - Don’t Panic! All will become clear

I used to work as a top-flight business process engineer and consultant in the days when business process was still recognised as a potent top-management tool and had not yet been relegated in status. I was expected to hit the ground running at each new commission, despite my remit’s being [...]

Intuition - Distraction

I talked last time about ‘sleeping on it’ to allow subconscious processing to find solutions to problems. Thank you to all those who contributed thoughts and examples. Of course, ‘sleeping on it’ is not always an option. An earlier response may be required. This is where another facet of the [...]

Intuition - Sleeping On It

In my book much of what we call intuition is actually subconscious processing of information (which may be subconscious knowledge). A good example is when we sleep on a problem and wake up with the answer. Another is when, in the middle of worrying about an issue, we are distracted [...]

Business Insights Mentoring - Presentation

          Business Insights Mentoring Review How useful did you find this mentoring session?What was the benefit?Can you put a value on it?                   What participants have said Comment Benefit A real eye-opener! The session revealed a surprising, lucrative [...]

Card Demo – Claire’s Store Closure

Today’s card demonstration will look at what the accessories store, Claire’s, can do to help prevent closure of their stores in the uncertain world of Brexit. Claire's is reported to be considering closing some of its UK stores that are underperforming. The chain currently has 370 stores in the UK. [...]
Card Demonstration

Card Demo – Brexit Implications on Businesses

Today’s card demonstration looks at the effects that Brexit could have on your business and how you might address the issue. I’ll be using the 3-card ‘underlying problem - hindrance to progress – potential solution’ layout to address this problem. You can try out this layout free after you have [...]
Card Demonstration

CARD DEMO – Conflict in the Team

Today’s card demonstration will look at resolving team conflicts. Whether it is bullying or constant disagreements between team members, any discord within a team has a negative impact on team performance.  I will be using the 3-card underlying problem-hindrance to progress – potential solution layout to address this problem. This [...]
Card Demonstration

CARD DEMONSTRATION – Production Interruption

In this week’s Card Demonstration, I will be using the cards to solve the common challenge of production constantly getting interrupted. As it is a problem, I will be using the three-card problem solving structure (Problem – Hindrance – Solution). You can use the same layout for free by using [...]
Card Demonstration


Big retail chain, Toys ‘R’ Us have hit the news recently due to the closure of 100 stores in the UK, putting 3,000 people out of work. We’ve taken Toys ‘R’ Us as an example and asked the question: Why did sales fall? I used the three-problem analysis. Here are [...]
Card Demonstration

Business Success? - Be Adept at Business

Once upon a time, at a high-level, motivational conference the managers of a branch of a multi-national corporation were exhorted to be more creative in developing innovative products and services to turn around a slump in local business. One year later, having failed to recover, the branch was closed down. [...]

eBook - Career Success

Is KNOWLEDGE & KNOWHOW Enough? I’d like to share with you an innovative approach to career advancement, drawing on my eclectic experience in retail (general goods, cheese, and clothing), catering (as general dog’s body), manufacturing (footwear production line), banking (admin), telecommunications (corporate management), and international consultancy in business process development. [...]


In this week’s Card Demonstration, we are going through a real-life example on how a young person used the Business Adept Cards to work out what he needs to do, to get a pay rise. He decided to use the three-card problem solving structure (Problem – Hindrance – Solution). You [...]
Card Demonstration

CARD DEMONSTRATION - Business Process Improvement

Keith manages a business process that covers the order-taking, resourcing, assembly, testing and delivering of a bespoke product. There are always problems along the way and additional costs are eroding profit margins. Addressing individual symptoms has not resolved the problem. Keith’s options are limited. He could: spend a lot of [...]
Card Demonstration

Awakening my Awareness

How it started Many people have asked me how I came to develop the Business Adept Cards system and its source, the Corporate Signpost Toolkit. My answer is that I was prompted by several discerning people to create an intuitive tool for use in business to promote the power of [...]

Strategy and Planning – Review it

What does strategic planning entail? In an earlier blog we explored this question and determined that the concept of strategic planning is quite simple, as shown in the diagram below. However, though simple in concept, each step may be less so in practice. Step 4 is an ongoing process. Everything [...]
Strategy And Planning

Strategy and Planning – Do it

What does strategic planning entail? In an earlier blog we explored this question and determined that the concept of strategic planning is quite simple, as shown in the diagram below. However, though simple in concept, each step may be less so in practice. In Step 3, functional departments are given [...]
Strategy And Planning

CARD DEMONSTRATION - Air Pollution in London

Because something’s not in the news, it tends to fall off the radar. Air pollution in London is one of those subjects, which turned up as an article on WIRED where they looked at a company that re-uses the heat generated as opposed to pumping out to atmosphere. Interestingly, [...]
Card Demonstration

Strategy and Planning

Marmite Strategy and planning is a Marmite subject – we love it or hate it. I love it – planning, not Marmite - but I’m one of a probably small minority. From a business point of view, this is a shame. It means not enough time and attention is given [...]
Strategy And Planning

CARD DEMONSTRATION - Facebook News Control

This is our weekly demonstration of the cards in use. There are two examples below relating to the issue of Facebook filtering the news in our feeds.  Each of the examples took a slightly different view on the situation, to see what how the cards could make us bring [...]
Card Demonstration

Card Demonstration - POWERUP DART

The numbers: The company were looking for $25,000, which would have meant under 400 backers required at the rate of funding requested, but at the time of writing this, they had over 17,500 backers and growing fast. When you work the numbers, it means they will be over 48 times [...]
Card Demonstration

Card Demonstration - Spinneroo

So we thought we’d apply the 3 card problem analysis to the Kickstarter product Spinneroo (Website). Fidget spinners have become very popular, so it’s not surprising it achieved its funding target. We’ve kept this very short and as a company you would have a lot more information added to this. [...]
Card Demonstration

Types of Intuition

During my studies of intuition, I have noticed that the generic term ‘intuition’ comprises a number of distinct types of function. By failing to differentiate adequately between them, many books on the subject may present misleading conclusions and unfairly discredit a potent part of the brain. Furthermore, lack of a [...]


Have you ever thought how many decisions you make each day? From an owner/manager of a microbusiness to a chief executive of a major corporation, running a business is about making decisions -  decisions about anything and everything, simple and complex: When to undertake a specific task Who should be [...]
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The ABC of Intuition

Hello, again I hope that you like what you have seen so far of the Business Adept Cards. Whole-brain thinking Having referred previously to the BA cards’ encouraging whole-brain thinking, I’d like to explore that concept further. By understanding better what’s involved, we gain more benefit from using the cards. [...]