About Business Adept

The ultimate business strategy gamification tool

Business Adept has been introduced by Spotlight on Management Ltd as the digital version of a well tried and tested physical business and management toolkit, Corporate Signpost. The intention of both is to enhance the decision-making, problem solving and ideas generating skills of all users by encouraging whole-brain thinking – the power of intellect and intuition together! – while having fun. The toolkit was specifically designed for use in business and has been found to be equally effective in career development.

We have confidence that Business Adept, powered by Corporate Signpost, will deliver the same level of inspiration and opportunity as the original toolkit, boosting the success of individuals and companies alike.

Spotlight on Management Ltd (established 1987) is working under licence from Corporate Signpost Ltd which was established in August 2006 as a vehicle for bringing the toolkit to the marketplace. The first two years were devoted to the development of the concept, designing its realisation and arranging the initial production run. Since then the toolkit has realised its creative potential for individuals and within industry, commerce, and education. It is a particular favourite of business coaches, mentors, counsellors and consultants.

About the Creators

The creators of the system and conceptual design were Laura W Dziaszyk and Michaele Wynn-Jones, whose combined skills (from corporate management and education respectively) proved ideal for this task. The realisation of the concept was thanks to the superlative artwork of Paul Clark of Glide Design Limited, Eastbourne (then representing KDesign), who translated sometimes vague verbal descriptions into outstanding graphic designs.

Following completion of the development phase Michaele elected to concentrate her efforts on her company Diamond Bridge Initiative Limited, leaving Laura to manage the day-to-day operations of Corporate Signpost Limited. In 2014 Laura bought out Michaele’s share of the company.

Laura W Dziaszyk

Laura W Dziaszyk

Owner/Director, Business Adept

Laura is a corporate process-engineering strategist – a unique term for a unique talent, a powerful blend of business strategy and business process engineering. With a business rather than IT focus, Laura occupies the tactical middle ground that converts strategy to reality – and to the bottom line. Her passion is for organisational cohesion, avoiding the silo effect and embedding high quality performance and management controls. Using skills honed during a executive career with British Telecom, as Managing Director of Spotlight on Management Ltd, Laura subsequently acted as expert adviser and business process consultant on several £multi-million international projects for major players such as IBM and Nortel.

Laura’s expertise was foundational to the whole structure of the Corporate Signpost tool and its underpinning business model. It reflects her broad knowledge of business practice, business process, and strategic management.

Michaele Wynn-Jones

Michaele Wynn-Jones

B.Ed.(Hons) MIAC AIN.
Director, Diamond Bridge Initiative Ltd

With a background in education, Michaele Wynn-Jones was co-director of CSL during the development of the toolkit. She now concentrates her efforts on Diamond Bridge Initiative, a pioneering Anglo-Dutch partnership offering workshops that integrate intuition and intellect into whole brained solutions to problem solving. An experienced presenter, Michaele travels extensively as guest speaker at national conferences and motivational events. She has developed and delivered training for organisations as varied as HM Prisons, The Open College Network, Health Authorities and Oil Companies. She has also acted as consultant adviser for the BBC.

Michaele brought to Corporate Signpost her dynamism, her creativity for concepts and visual design, her multi-sensory educational skills, and her unique take on numerology.