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Be Adept at Business with Business Adept Cards

"Business Adept Cards helped me approach challenges in a new and refreshing way. I used to be afraid of taking important decisions but now use the cards all the time for:

Problem solving - diagnosis and resolution

Decision making

Business reviews - performance and strategy

Managing relationships - with custoners, suppliers, employees etc. 

They have opened up a whole new way of thinking"

Business Adept Cards are for your benefit. They can bring you success in your career, your business or other endeavour. The cards counteract the isolation of being in charge – great for an entrepreneur who must figure things out alone.

The cards can be used either online or by using actual cards. To see the cards in action watch the video below.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of the cards in use


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Whether being used by you alone or as part of a group of people, what we've seen time and again is that the cards act like an independent facilitator enabling the best ideas to see the light of day.

 When working with a group, the cards enable ideas and opinions to be voiced that may normally never be spoken out loud and these thoughts often lead to far better solutions.

 You can buy a subscription to the online facility or, if you prefer, you can purchase the physical pack of cards and manual.

 To show how effective they can be try the cards for FREE. When you have a personal career development or business challenge,  the cards can be an effective way of discovering and evaluating different solutions and helping decide which is the best one to take forward.

Find out how


can help YOU IN your business AND CAREER

  •  great for ideas and inspiration
  •  great for problem solving
  • great for individuals or groups

Fast, fun and easy to use Business Adept Cards take brainstorming to a new level with astounding results


Business Adept cards for FREE

Using Adept Cards in business

With Business Adept you can prove your competence and bring success in business. Use it:

Individual Use

alone as a pocket consultant for your personal career development

One to One Use

one to one to provide focus and depersonalise emotive issues

Group Use

in a group to create common understanding, encourage participation and stimulate ideas

Business Adept Cards can generate new ideas quickly, on demand from a random starting point. The cards are applicable to large or small businesses, to directors or employees. We have listed below typical challenges that businesses face:

How do we add value to our products so we can increase our prices?

How can we attract more clients?

How do we get paid quicker?

What are the best target markets to go for?

When is the best time to hire additional staff?

How can we improve productivity?

How do we improve our marketing?

Do we need to produce/update our business plan?

Do we need a SWOT analysis?

Business Adept Cards can be used in many different ways:

- by yourself to help your personal development

- by consultants with their clients

- by HR departments 

- with business colleagues.

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